Rainmate: A Novel by Anisul Hoque

Boierhut Publications
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Hashem Ali, a fellow from a remote northern part of Bangladesh, works for the Water and Weather Division as a rain gauge reader. His primary job responsibility is to take readings from the rain gauge and write them down in a record book, every day. He is also the warden of department’s rest house at Pirgachha. This extra responsibility gives him and his family some sort of luxury! He gets tips from taking care of the guests. Moreover, his wife cooks for the guests and they get to see some quality food on their dinner menu. But even so, Hashem Ali likes to call himself the “Reader”, the rain gauge reader. He takes this job very seriously and never thinks of neglecting, ever.

Hashem Ali was put into a very unstable condition, mentally. The eighty-crore taka from the government had just flown away in one monsoon rain, but he could not accept that fact. He put the blame on himself. He started talking to himself and tore papers while sitting on the porch, for no apparent reason. He always held an imaginary rain gauge in his hand and kept counting in his mind –one millimeter, two millimeters. He became completely incapable of taking care of his job, family. Halima, his beautiful wife, whom he loved with all his heart and protected her at any cost, saw no hope. She was surrounded by gloomy, endless darkness.

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